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In the near future, robot duels are the world's most popular attraction. You are a mecabot and you have built a robot.

Upgrade your robot with implants to defeat your mechanical opponents and become the champion of the robot arena!  

Enjoy the demo, support us if you like our game. In the demo, you can only duel versus 1 robot in 4 levels of difficulty.  

▸ Skill based robot duels!

▸ Defeat 20 robots in 80 levels!

▸ Upgrade your robot with powerful implants!

▸ Fight your way up the robot arena to become the arena champion!

▸ Play with a friend on the same screen!

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blf Demo v1.51.apk 41 MB

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Bot Lazer Fight is now totally free on Goggle play and Apps store, it is our first game 



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Bot Lazer Fight will be totally free for Halloween 2021 (and behond) on Goggle play and Apple store, it is our first game